Empowered relocation software

Deliver a modern consumer experience to the relocating family, while you have real-time insight into the status of each service.


Create your own area guides to introduce the relocating family to their new destination location.

  • Smart Content

    Combined with Resources, content is filtered based on the destination and needs of the employee.

  • Map visualization

    Explore neighborhoods on a map and overlay other relevant content.


Organize the visa and work permit application process and keep track of important tasks and dates.

  • Security

    Directly upload and encrypt sensitive documents on the platform.

  • Tracking and alerts

    Create a custom task list and get reminders to manage extensions.


Powered by RentalMagic, consultants can curate a custom list of properties. They can also collaborate with the employee to keep track of favorites, exchange messages, and plan appointments.

  • Organized home finding

    Gone are the days of endless emails back and forth. Everybody has access to the same list which gets updated in real-time.


Manage settling-in tasks that are relevant for the destination and needs of the relocating employee.

  • Content management

    Create your own library of settling-in tasks and select only those that are relevant for your client.

  • Tracking made easy

    Your team can update the status of task from the office or the road, so you know what's going on at all times.


Assist the family with finding the most suitable schools for their children.

  • School Finding

    Search both public and private schools to create your list and plan school visits.

  • Manage Enrollment

    Keep track of tasks from collecting school records to preparing the admission papers.

Private and secure by design

Your clients trust you to care for the relocating family during their transition to the new destination.
You can trust us that great care goes into keeping their data private and secure.

  • Data security

    Your information is secured on ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 certified data centers.

  • Data privacy

    Privacy by Design is a guiding principle of our software development lifecycle.

  • Encryption

    All data transfer between our clients and our services is encrypted using SSL technology.

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